Chef Eric's Cooking School

 We have three main learning options for you

Option 1. One Hour Skills

in this skills focus, you will learn a specific skill in a one hour class such as

  1. Knife Techniques
  2. Sauces
  3. One culinary technique
Price £60

Option 2. Gift Experience

A gift voucher for 1 - 2 people to learn to cook a special meal of your choosing in 3 hours.  The meal can be up to three courses and you can take home your finished product to enjoy !
Price £150

Option 3. The Works

 A three day workshop where you will be able to learn cooking techniques in detail including preparation, cooking and presentations
Price £995

 1/knifes skills including the different type of cuts you might require to execute as a Chef, such as : Brunoises, Mirepoix, julienne, dice 2/basic stocks, such as : meat, chicken, fish and vegetable 3/basic sauces, such as : Hollandaise, Béarnaise, Chasseur, Bordelaise, Peppercorn, white sauce, Béchamel, Roux, Beurre blanc, tomato sauce 4/How to butcher a poultry and fish 5/How to poach and creamy scrambled eggs, as well as French omelette 6/How to recognize the doness of meat, fish and poultry 7/How to cook risotto 8/How to make fresh pasta, such as : Ravioli, Tagliatelle 9/How to prep the base for all ice-cream 10/how to make the basics pastry dough's, such as : Pate brisee, Pate sable, Choux pastry 11/how to make basics desserts sauces, such as : Creme Anglaise, Creme Patissiere 12/How to make classic desserts, such as : Tarte Tatin, Creme brûlée, Panacotta, Hot and cold chocolate fondant.

Please feel free to comment, add or discard anything you want from the above list, and send me a list of your priorities

In all options, cost of shopping will be added.

Chef will do the shopping and provide you with receipts, alternatively you can do your shopping if you wish to.

Contact Eric on for reservations

Also for Chef services where Eric will cater for you in your home for you and your friends visit