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Food And Travel Magazine, Oct 2014

Prior to embarking on my class, chef Eric discusses my food likes and dislikes.  When I arrive at his villa, I discover he has prepared a menu tailored specifically to my tastes and my class is a one on one.

Chef Eric's knowledge of food is clearly extensive and he explains tasks in a clear, straightforward manner, meaning the creation of fresh pasta and panna cotta is made refreshingly simple.

Chef Eric, whose experience extends of 20 years covers stints in France, London, New Zealand and UAE.  Leaving with a clutch of recipes, I feel impressed by the morning's accomplishments, and thanks to Eric's easy instruction, I'm convinced I'll be more ambitious with my home cooking too !

The National, Sep 2014

Eric Tavernier is the founder of Chef Eric's Cooking School in Abu Dhabi.  The 43 year old teaches private classes [for] up to three people at a time, either in his kitchen or at the homes of the students.  

Before moving to Abu Dhabi eight eyars ago, Mr Tavernier was the head chef at high-end restaurants in London and the Frenchman also  spent 18 months as Rupert Murdoch's personal chef.

Mr Tavernier is busy adding the finishing touches to the menu for a new restaurant concept, Dippers, soon to open in Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi.

From The Ferrari Club:
The lunch that was served up on Sunday was sensational. The man responsible for cooking this food from the gods was Eric Tavernier, a trained French Chef who works most of his time in London's West End.  Eric joined us at Oulton Park and creates some memorable fare which I can't help raving about.

From Japanese Restaurant; Ichi Zen:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work over the last year.  Your energy, drive and commitment and positive outlook is an inspiration to us all.

From Private Customer John Macartney at Gleeson:
I thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I was for the attention my party and I were given on Friday evening.  The food was superb,  fresh and plentifl and the attendants efficient.

From Val Harper of the UK Sunday Times:
I just wanted to write to say how much John Witherow, editor of The Sunday Times, enjoyed his lunch on Tuesday.  The service and food was wonderful!

From Rupert Murdoch's News International:
I have greatly admired the excellent standard of cuisine and sheer style that you have introduced since you arrived at News International.  We will miss your charisma, flair and willingness to help out Eric.
It was also wonderful to see you reach the regional finals of the Chelf of The Year Competition.