Good morning, the first thing I do before reviewing a restaurant, is to find a destination, I don't generally go somewhere because someone has said it is good!!! 
On this occasion, we were on our way to Nolu's downtown which happens to be uptown!!! Lol...
And on our way we passed by Dai Pai Dong, and as soon as I saw the looks on my Wife face, I knew that I would have to give up my trip to Nolu's, which is something I Have to Do, since the management crucified me on Zomato before checking theirs facts and then when they realised that they were wrong, the discussion on Zomato from the Management stopped, without any explanations and more importantly without Apologies!!! 
So, I still have to go back and sort this one out!!! 
But still we went upstairs to Check Nolu's downtown ambiance, well on Thursday night if you have only 2 tables in such a big place, well I guess there is definitely something wrong, so our minds were made up and we went back downstairs to Dai Pai Dong, really I wouldn't have believed that I would find such a great place in a Mall, selling pork items and to the delight of my Wife proper Mojito's!!! 
(which still doesn't explain the ++ taxes which added AED100 to our final bill!!! It is not in the hotel, it is in the MALL!!!). 
My rating on this place is mainly based on the service, which was outstanding!!! But for me, I was on a mission because before to get inside, I checked the reviews and there were one dramatic review coming from a Chef, saying that he was refused to be served food at just 21h45 pm, for is girlfriend birthday!!! Which I thought was pretty odd, since they even have a hidden bar!!! 
So, I had to go and investigate on this matter which apparently seems to be unfounded has the last order is 23h00pm!!! 
Regarding the food, I thought it was just alright as my favourite chicken and sweet corn soup had no flavours, so I had to add quite a bit of soya sauce!!! 
And then my beef short ribs were dried and could have done with an extra 2 hours of cooking!!!
However the crispy duck was perfect, and my Wife Dishes delightful!!! 
One thing that I would have to add is maybe some prawns crackers or something to make us wait for our food would be nice, as there plenty of kitchen staff having a good laught in the open plan kitchen (which is nothing wrong with having a good laught i the kitchen, as you happen to spend 16 hours in it !!!), but if you only have a few customers, it should not take up to 30 minutes for a soup to be served!!! Or should he??? 
Anyway, our waitress was brilliant and we had a very pleasant (and expensive... Lol) night...
I guess my message to the kitchen would be to refine some of the dishes and I would be perfect...
So, have a good day all...
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Dai Pai Dong Restaurant